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Unparalleled Customization

Choose from our extensive library of templates, or design your own from scratch. Customize colors and more to create a survey that speaks to your audience and represents your brand.

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Seamless Integration

A single script to get your survey's going. Pull in user data as well with our deeper SDK integration.

Conversational SupportConversational Support
Beautiful Interface

Our App is not only easy to use but the beautiful interface makes it a joy for users to rate

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Targeted NPS

You can target your NPS surveys to only survey the people that have been using the platform for over 3 months

NPS Survey Tool


We understand the essence of accurate and authentic data. At UserVista, every participant undergoes a meticulous pre-screening process, ensuring you connect with the best fit for your research needs.

Looking for a Sprig alternative?

User Vista is an affordable alternative to Sprig In App Surveys. If you are looking to run in app surveys and not break the bank look no further!

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How Sprig Stacks up

User Vista
Pricing per year**
3+ In- App Surveys per month
Rage Click Activated
Context with User Ranking
Sticky Feedback Button
User Targeting
Export Feedback
Templates - NPS, CSAT, PMF
API to Identify Users
Custom Branding
Survey Logic
Survey Link
AI Analysis

Sprig, formerly known as UserLeap, started as a micro survey solution similar to User Vista. With its rebrand in 2021, Sprig broadened its offering and pivoted to an "all-in-one product research platform" with less focus on its survey product. At User Vista, we took a different approach. We are an advanced in-product microsurvey tool with comprehensive customization options. Unlike Sprig, we support many survey use cases and are not limited to product research.

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basic plan
$29.00 / month
  • 100 Chats / Month

  • 1 year chat history

  • Visitor monitoring

  • Chat shortcuts

Premium plan
$39.00 / month
  • Unlimited chats

  • Unlimited chat history

  • Triggers

  • Chat ratings