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Introduction to UserVista, emphasizing its role in harnessing the voice of customer for informed decision-making. Highlight its suitability for complex enterprise environments and scalability.

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Unparalleled Customization

Choose from our extensive library of templates, or design your own from scratch. Customize colors and more to create a survey that speaks to your audience and represents your brand.

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Seamless Integration

A single script to get your survey's going. Pull in user data as well with our deeper SDK integration.

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Beautiful Interface

Our App is not only easy to use but the beautiful interface makes it a joy for users to rate

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Targeted NPS

You can target your NPS surveys to only survey the people that have been using the platform for over 3 months

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We understand the essence of accurate and authentic data. At UserVista, every participant undergoes a meticulous pre-screening process, ensuring you connect with the best fit for your research needs.

Voice of Customer Research with UserVista - Features Section

Reasons NPS has become the gold standard

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In-App Feedback for VoC

Dive into how UserVista’s in-app feedback tools are uniquely designed to capture the authentic voice of customer in real-time.

Predictive Power

Support Interaction Analysis: Explain how UserVista enhances VoC research by analyzing feedback from customer support, turning interactions into actionable insights.

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Trigger-Based Email Surveys:

Showcase how UserVista’s email surveys, triggered by specific user behaviors, provide rich, voice of customer data.

Usability Testing Insights:

Illustrate how UserVista aids enterprises in conducting usability testing, a key component in understanding the voice of customer.

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Analytics for VoC Intelligence:

Discuss the advanced analytics capabilities of UserVista, pivotal in deciphering the voice of customer through usage patterns.

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Sales Feedback Integration:

Highlight how integrating sales feedback into the VoC research provides a comprehensive view of customer sentiments.

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Benefits of Voice of Customer Research with UserVista Section

Strategic Decision-Making

Emphasize how voice of customer insights via UserVista guide enterprises in strategic product and service decisions.

Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty

Link the role of VoC in enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty, crucial for enterprise success.

Data-Driven Enterprise Growth

Discuss the impact of VoC data on enterprise growth strategies and customer-centric innovation.


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Who is Behind User Vista
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Two brothers have a joint tenure of 20 years in Software. We built a SAAS company with thousands of users and 5M in ARR. Our NPS struggled during the years of rapid scaling, and we found that in-app survey tools were extremely valuable in righting the ship. We just wish we had started using them earlier.

How much Funding Does User Vista Have
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User Vista is Bootstrapped. But don't worry the founders recently sold their last SAAS company and have no intent of selling their next one. The best companies stay private and the founders never leave.

How do you support your users? 
Chevron Down is the best way to reach us. We monitor daily and will respond within 48 hours.

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