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Our specialized product market fit survey tools are designed to provide deep insights into your customers' needs and preferences, ensuring your product aligns seamlessly with market demands.

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Unparalleled Customization

Choose from our extensive library of templates, or design your own from scratch. Customize colors and more to create a survey that speaks to your audience and represents your brand.

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Seamless Integration

A single script to get your survey's going. Pull in user data as well with our deeper SDK integration.

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Beautiful Interface

Our App is not only easy to use but the beautiful interface makes it a joy for users to rate

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Targeted NPS

You can target your NPS surveys to only survey the people that have been using the platform for over 3 months

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We understand the essence of accurate and authentic data. At UserVista, every participant undergoes a meticulous pre-screening process, ensuring you connect with the best fit for your research needs.

How likely are you to recommend our company to a friend or colleague? (0 = Not likely, 10 = Very likely)

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Do you agree with the statement: "Our company is likely to be recommended to a friend or colleague"?

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Micro Surveys

Our micro surveys are meticulously crafted to probe into the nuances of your customers' experiences with your product. These surveys focus on essential aspects that define your product’s market fit, including customer satisfaction, usage patterns, and the perceived value of features.

Custom Segmentation

UserVista's platform enables you to segment your customers effectively based on their responses to the product market fit survey. This segmentation is crucial in identifying the customer sets that find the most value in your product. Understanding these segments allows for more focused and effective product development and marketing strategies.

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Reporting: Transform Data into Strategic Decisions

With our sophisticated reporting tools, you can transform survey data into actionable insights. These reports help you pinpoint your high-expectation customers (HXCs) and their specific needs, enabling informed decision-making for product refinement and marketing.



Utilize our surveys to assess customer feelings towards your product.



Concentrate on customer segments showing the highest engagement and satisfaction with your product.



Analyze the survey results to gain an understanding of why certain customers advocate for your product.



Adapt your product roadmap based on these insights, focusing on enhancing features your fans love and addressing areas that may deter potential fans.



Product-market fit is an ongoing process. Continuously refine your product based on the latest feedback to ensure alignment with evolving customer needs and market dynamics.

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