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Unparalleled Customization

Choose from our extensive library of templates, or design your own from scratch. Customize colors and more to create a survey that speaks to your audience and represents your brand.

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Seamless Integration

A single script to get your survey's going. Pull in user data as well with our deeper SDK integration.

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Beautiful Interface

Our App is not only easy to use but the beautiful interface makes it a joy for users to rate

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Targeted NPS

You can target your NPS surveys to only survey the people that have been using the platform for over 3 months

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We understand the essence of accurate and authentic data. At UserVista, every participant undergoes a meticulous pre-screening process, ensuring you connect with the best fit for your research needs.

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Our Mission

The Power of User Vista's In-App Survey Tool

At User Vista, we specialize in unlocking the full potential of user feedback. Our state-of-the-art in-app survey tool, effortlessly integrated into your website or app with a single script, is designed to revolutionize how you gather and utilize user insights.

Harness Both Qualitative and Quantitative Data

User Vista's in-app surveys are designed to capture the full spectrum of user feedback. By combining qualitative insights with quantitative data, our tool provides a holistic view of user sentiment, enabling more nuanced and informed decision-making.

A Template for Every Need

From Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) to Net Promoter Score (NPS) and beyond, choose from an array of customizable templates to suit your unique requirements.

Real Time
Triple Your Response Rates

Experience a significant boost in engagement. Our surveys are proven to triple response rates, ensuring a richer, more comprehensive dataset for your analysis.

Effortless Integration

With just a simple script, User Vista's surveys blend seamlessly into your platform, offering a harmonious user experience.

Quietly Powerful

Delve into user behavior with our advanced segmentation capabilities. Gain nuanced insights into different user groups for more targeted strategies.



Select one of our survey templates, keep surveys short, clear, and to the point.



Distribute surveys through User Vista  to maximum responses.



Collect responses, identify trends, and extract actionable insights from customer feedback.



Act on insights to improve products, services, and customer experience.



Regularly update surveys, respond to feedback, and refine strategies for improvement.

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